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The Use of Life
The Use of Life
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The Use of Life is a “game book”-style multi-ending RPG.Scenarios with changing conclusions in The Use of LifeIn this game the main character’s various “attachments” fluctuate in accordance with the choices the player makes, changing the character’s way of thinking. The ending you experience changes depending on “the use of life” you choose through your journey.Will the main character uses their “life” for their own good, or for the benefit of others? This all depends on the decisions and choices you make as the player. The game’s ending represents the natural conclusion of the way this life was lived, and there is no “good ending” or “bad ending”.Tense battles based on the theme of “stillness and motion”The battles in this title are characterized by a fusion of "command-style battle strategy" and "QTE action".With both sides acting three times per turn, the player must work out "How will I handle the enemy's powerful attacks?", and "How will I execute a devastating blow?" Vic