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履云录 (AVD 版)
履云录 (AVD 版)
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In the ancient times, the fires of the sky, the spread of water, poisonous fog, the people suffered.In order to regulate the yin and the yang, the level of fire, and the wind and the thunder, and to eliminate the mountains and quiet lakes, Xian Yan used his divine power to create the eight diffusion of immortal law, with the positioning of heaven and earth, so that the mountains and zees through the air, thunder and wind thin, water and fire do not shoot each other.A time when all things are peaceful, the country has been established for hundreds of years, divided into ten thousand states, the world each in peace and quiet.After that, the authority of the King of the World Yan declined, and each feudal state then went its own way, and even denounced each other.Since then, a hundred years, Wan Yan land war and turmoil, the country out of the country destroyed, only a matter of one day.However, the world is in chaos, a country is never the only whole fortune.The northern leap co