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In the ancient times, the fires of the sky, the spread of water, poisonous fog, the people suffered. In order to regulate the yin and the yang, the level of fire, and the wind and the thunder, and to eliminate the mountains and quiet lakes, Xian Yan used his divine power to create the eight diffusion of immortal law, with the positioning of heaven and earth, so that the mountains and zees through the air, thunder and wind thin, water and fire do not shoot each other. A time when all things are peaceful, the country has been established for hundreds of years, divided into ten thousand states, the world each in peace and quiet.

After that, the authority of the King of the World Yan declined, and each feudal state then went its own way, and even denounced each other. Since then, a hundred years, Wan Yan land war and turmoil, the country out of the country destroyed, only a matter of one day.

However, the world is in chaos, a country is never the only whole fortune. The northern leap country is sitting on the big, decided to meet alliance to seal the country. Pali country is remote, to be conveyed to the King's letter, has missed the time. Pali King did not participate in the alliance. Baotu king of Pali arrogance not to take the league for the reason of invasion, Pali thousand years without war, a battle is defeated. Pali King Kui martyred, Prince Araju, Prince Yaro fled. Baotu army then occupied the entire territory of Pali.

The destruction of Pali, Baotu occupation army to do a great job, the old Pali collar of life and soul.

Eight years later ...

The old royal family of the Pali State, led by Ara Zhu, united with another powerful country "kill" the reinforcements in a blitzkrieg way to retake the entire territory of the Pali State. At the ceremony of restoration, Araju succeeded to the throne of Pali, and promoted Fuyun to the position of horsemaster and Juming to the position of hundred chief. On that night, the heads of the Pali kingdom, including Araju, Gyuun, Yaro and Kwangwon, met in secret to discuss the defense of the kingdom

The younger brother of the general of the horse, Dueling, who was newly promoted to the position of the hundred chiefs, was enthusiastic and determined to fight against the bandits and keep the peace of the Pali country forever. While on a tour of the Pali territory, he encounters a suspicious man who sells him a sword at a low price, but it is a sacred sword with the old sword spirit "Shangjiu" hidden in it ......

The third lord, Yaro, was only treated lightly after he reported the sign of a great drought and told him to prepare carefully for the summer festival. The young musician Le Feng is instructed to practice the ritual song for the summer festival, and he happens to meet a master, Qing Shui, who enlightens him and gives him his young scholar, Gong Yang Xue.

Deepening spring, a peaceful atmosphere of birdsong and flowers, the Pali country is in the center of several dark swirls ...... What about the movement of the talented leap? What is the way forward to aid the country of Pali kill? Summer will come, and look at the various heroes sword pointing to where.

(Translated from Chinese)

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