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Would you like to escape the crisis with your furry partner and escape from this "mysterious dungeon", or explore and understand the secret behind this mysterious underground facility?

《Neglected》is the first furry puzzle game created by Hundred Dream of Animals studio, you're going to play as a lovely boy called Grace. Parr and Tya, two furries you encount by chance, will help you cop with crisis and get out of danger step by step.

When human and furry meet together, who knows what wonderful and funny things will happen?

In your adventure, you will face various machine-operated scenes,dangerous traps and dim corridors. In thousands of complex and chaotic scenes, hopes and opportunities are waiting.

##What is this game?

Neglected is a puzzle game, the decryption part is very simple and easy ( At least the production team hopes so ).

##What is the content?

Mainly decryption and including some chasing plots. When decrypting, please observe the secret places carefully and use your brain. But when you get to play the chasing part, well……good luck~

##Is there anything else?

This game also includes some memes and wonderful "Easter eggs".

Some clues in the game must be kept in mind, I'm sure you'll need these clues as the plot develops.


Beast of Dreams
Producer / Screenwriter / Programmer / Artist

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